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Join our free networking event about Alternative Lending.

We've invited two industry experts, Anne Hakvoort and Ronald Kleverlaan, to start the discussion on the future of alternative lending to answer to-mind questions.

The Future of Alternative Lending
Five Degrees networking event about Alternative Lending. Join us and connect with us.
Altfi Lending Summit 2022
Connect with us at The AltFi Lending Summit 2022 on 3 November.
3rd Amsterdam Forum
Let's connect at the Amsterdam Banking Forum.
FinTech Live London
Let's meet up at FinTech Live in London.
FinTech World Forum 2022
Connect with us at the FinTech World Forum 2022.
Digital Finance Summit Brussels
Connect with us at the Digital Finance Summit in Brussels.
Amsterdam Fintech Week Community day
Five Degrees and Provenir networking exclusive event during the Amsterdam Fintech week. Jo...
Amsterdam FinTech Week
Connect with us at the Amsterdam Fintech Event. The Five Degrees team will be part of this...
5th Annual World Digital Banking Summit
Meet °neo by Five Degrees at the The Fifth Edition of the Annual Summit in Berlin.
Product Owners Meetup
Join us for the SME Lending Product Owners meetup at our five°degrees headquarters.

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