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FTT Lending 3.0
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FTT Lending

Meet °neo by Five Degrees at the FTT Lending  3.0 in London.  

Future Identity Finance is hosting the premier event for the upcoming generation of lenders, loan providers, fintechs, credit, and capital allocators driving the future of lending. The theme, accordingly, is Powering the future of lending. 

The 3rd edition of the seminar comprises six key themes, describing the new generation of loan providers, emerging lending types, and the decisions powered by data. This edition will also address topics about transitioning to net zero and the opportunities for lenders to meet underserved societies. 

The °neo by Five Degrees team is excited to attend this year's event! If you want to discuss your banking project with our experts and learn how we can help you with your transformation, then fill in the form to schedule a meeting with us.

We look forward to meeting you there.

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