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Integration & Orchestration

Besides fiveºdegrees' state-of-the-art and future-proof core banking product engines, we understand your business needs a reliable foundation to support its operations. Our Integration and Orchestration module allows you to modernize your IT landscape and connect to third-party systems in your ecosystem without disrupting your entire architecture.

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Functionality Highlights

We provide additional features and functionality to support you with building a next-gen banking operation. We provide solutions for integration, BPM, workflows, customer portals and much more.
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Integration Platform

Effortlessly manage integration, client data and orchestration of core banking data with our solution. This includes streamlined processes, BPM (Business Process Management), and templates for messaging and forms, ensuring secure and validated data entry.

component library
Component Library

Access a comprehensive library for seamless management of collateral assets, precise fee calculations, and fee inclusion across many products and events. Dive into features such as claims for payment dates, adapt payment agreement management, and more.

The core principles of our solutions.

Our solutions have been developed based on 14 years of experience with banking technology and industry standards, with a consistent emphasis on building robust technology, ensuring that we deliver the best user experience to our clients.

API Testing

In our software solution, the principles of API Testing play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and functionality of our application's underlying services. We have automated our API tests, enabling continuous validation of our APIs, and we conduct various types of tests, including functional, load, and security testing. This rigorous testing regimen ensures that our APIs consistently deliver the expected results, fostering a dependable foundation for our software.


User Interface

Experience great usability of the interface, which was designed from the start with the various users in mind: client-facing staff, developers, and functional managers. Our commitment to UI Testing meticulously examines every aspect of our application's user interface. These tests not only help us identify and rectify issues before they reach our users, but also guarantee that each software release maintains a seamless and user-friendly interface.


Room for Customization

Our solution offers a standardized on-premises SaaS platform complemented by the flexibility to accommodate and fulfil your custom, tailor-made requirements. We are dedicated to working closely with you to understand your distinct requirements and provide bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate into our platform.



Our approach to software builds embodies automation and a structured release flow. We have implemented a robust automatic pipeline that encompasses code compilation, unit and integration testing, and packaging. Following a well-defined release flow from development to production ensures that our software is systematically validated and delivered efficiently to our users. This approach minimizes the potential for errors and ensures a smooth, controlled software release process.


To maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance, all development work within our solution undergoes rigorous ISAE 3000 auditing. Code reviews, version control practices, and robust security measures are actively enforced throughout our development process. This commitment to auditing and control ensures that our software adheres to industry best practices and compliance standards, guaranteeing that our users can trust in the quality and security of our solution.

fiveºdegrees is your trusted integration and orchestration partner.

Our deposit and account engine supports a comprehensive range of products that are easily managed and administered, allowing product agility and quick time to market.
Fast Results

Maximize your time and efforts with our solution—no need for extensive upgrading and maintenance. We empower you to build on your existing foundation, ensuring quality results swiftly. Experience an instant return on investment without compromising efficiency.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enabling outstanding interaction with your clients is the ultimate objective. Happy clients equals a healthy company. Instantly start building on better and more exciting customer propositions to meet and exceed your clients' expectations.

Embrace Modern Technology

fiveºdegrees' technology brings your landscape up to par and even further. Modern technology enables you to integrate with third-party solutions that further increase your capabilities or set you apart from your competition.

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Enhance your banking operations with highly flexible, cloud-native technology.

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3 reasons for enhancing your banking operations with Five Degrees

  • Set your business up for international growth
  • Launch new propositions in days instead of months or years
  • Benefit from a best-in-breed platform and ecosystem