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Digital banking solutions that help you reduce costs

We know that to survive in today’s competitive environment you need to provide fast, secure and cost-effective services while anticipating your customers’ needs. We offer digital banking solutions that provide you with complete customer access, and PSD2 and GDPR regulation support. And they can be connected to any (legacy) core banking system.

A single intelligent platform that supports customer onboarding, transactions, documents, and all customer interactions. Can be connected to any (legacy) core banking system. Lets you create a 360-degree customer view and personalize the customer experience.

Transformative change is happening all around us

From Wall Street to Main Street, customers want to define their own experience. Yet most banks are struggling to adapt to customers’ fast-changing demands. Our Matrix platform is the answer. It makes your digital shift seamless, and is already successfully transforming banks globally.

Matrix is the only digital banking platform you’ll ever need

Matrix is the only digital banking platform you’ll ever need. It puts people at the heart of banking. It cuts costs and increases profit. And it can be connected to any legacy core banking system. Unlocking the full potential of digital banking.

Digital banking solutions to help create a customer-centric bank

SME lending

The SME lending solution that removes processing and data-gathering headaches, and creates highly-satisfied customers

Robo advice

Provide your customers with straightforward, affordable financial advice

FX trading

Attract and retain customers by providing them with fast, low-cost and easy-to-use FX services

Retail lending

Increasing automation and data gathering leading to lower costs

Wealth management

Effectively manage a complex, competitive and highly-regulated environment with our low-cost, flexible solution

Savings and Deposit

Provide your customers with flexible savings and deposit accounts, including multi-currency options

Custom solution

No matter what sort of digital banking solution you need, five°degrees can provide a tailor-made solution to your requirements


Attract customers looking to secure a mortgage with a full range of services, from execution-only through to one-on-one advice from an external advisor

Current accounts

Provide your customers with a truly flexible current account that supports debit/credit cards and multiple accounts

"We have lower overheads and stand out by the way we treat our customers. We are very service-oriented and can deliver high standards because we are very organized, have good staff, and use Matrix."

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