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Leading North American tier-1 bank Toronto Dominion utilizes fiveºdegrees for innovative banking activities.
fiveºdegrees has been powering TD Bank's banking operations for over 6 years with its Integration & Orchestration as well as its Accounts platform modules, allowing TD Bank to run their banking operations in a resilient and scalable manner in the cloud.
fiveºdegrees provides
deposit & cash accounts-1
Deposits & Cash Accounts
connect your fx
Foreign Exchange
integration and orchestration-1
Integration & Orchestration
ABN AMRO Franx creates full digital FX platform in the Azure cloud.
Since its launch in 2018, Franx offers clients currency transactions and international payments from one single digital platform. To utilize the possibilities of their Azure strategy, the Dutch-based FX transactions provider selected fiveºdegrees' core banking technology, which will be delivered as Software-as-a-Service from the Azure cloud.
fiveºdegrees provides
client data management
Client Data Management
deposit & cash accounts-1
FX Accounts
azure saas
Azure SaaS
Ronald Lokkers
General Director,
ABN AMRO | Franx
“The financial benefits of fiveºdegrees are amazing. We can easily upscale our business without the doubts of security, time or cost. Also, we have lower overheads and stand out by the way we treat our customers”
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Brand New Day adopts five°degrees' new core banking platform.
Brand New Day focusses on the fast-growing private market for savings and investments. To underpin the renewed strategy, Brand New Day builds on fiveºdegrees' core banking platform, which enables Brand New Day to increase its product offering and scale its capabilities without carrying an additional operational burden as the core functionality is provided as SaaS. Brand New Day officially became a bank in 2017, and has been utilizing fiveºdegrees' core banking solutions at the heart of its operations.
fiveºdegrees provides
customer data management
Customer Data Management
deposit & cash accounts-1
FX & Deposit Accounts
Gerjan de Lange
Chief Technology Officer,
Brand New Day
“At Brand New Day, we are taking substantial steps to prepare for future expansion. Selecting fiveºdegrees as a trusted partner is a pivotal decision to enable future growth and help us to serve the needs of our customers, while extending important capabilities. The cloud-native technology enables us to scale and adapt to the rapidly changing financial services landscape”

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