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After a decade of providing core banking to class-leading banks, we now set the new standard and bring cloud-native core technology to financial services.

The five°degrees story.

five°degrees was founded by bankers in 2010. Our launching customer KNAB was based on our technology to become the first challenger bank in Europe in 2012. Soon incumbent banks throughout Western Europe, the United States and Canada also chose five°degrees as their digital banking technology provider. In 2018, five°degrees added lending to its product suite by the acquisition of Libra EHF, the market leader in lending technology in Iceland. Today, over 40 banks in Europe and North America use our technology. With over 100 colleagues working from our offices in Amsterdam, Reykjavik and Lisbon, we launched a cloud-native offering in 2021. This platform was built for the cloud from the ground up to continue to allow our clients to meet ever-changing market demands.

In 2023, five°degrees was acquired by Topicus, an industry-leading software provider in the Finance, Healthcare, Education and Governmental sector.


Years of developing core banking systems


Team members worldwide





Bjorn Holmthorsson
Bjorn Holmthorsson

Managing Director

Bjorn Holmthorsson is a seasoned technology-driven leader with a wealth of experience in core banking software, renowned for his expertise in project management and his instrumental role in developing market-leading Pan-European retail deposits platforms within the finance industry.

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Erik Lamers

Commercial Director

With a track record of over 20 years in commercial leadership, Erik leverages his extensive experience to deliver outstanding results and drive significant value. His key strengths encompass strategic thinking, relationship-building, and a deep expertise in selling IT solutions, positioning him as a pivotal driving force behind our organization's growth and ensuring utmost client satisfaction.

Helga Gunnólfsdóttir
Helga Gunnólfsdóttir

Human Resources Director

Human Resources DirectorHelga has over 6 years of professional HR experience with a diverse background in various industries. She excels in addressing HR challenges and implementing effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of organizations with a strong focus on trust and enjoyable relationships.

Júlíus Atlason
Júlíus Atlason

Operations Director

Júlíus Atlason, our accomplished Operations Director, holds a Ph.D. in Operations Engineering and brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the fintech industry. He thrives in the collaborative atmosphere at Five Degrees, where he excels in working alongside colleagues and customers to create outstanding products and tackle challenging problems.

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Tom Woesthuis

Finance Director

Tom Woesthuis, our esteemed Finance Director, is a highly accomplished finance professional with over 10 years of experience. His expertise in financial strategy, planning, and analysis, combined with strong analytical skills, drives financial performance and operational efficiencies, making him an asset to our organization.

Fridrik Reynisson
Fridrik Reynisson

Chief Architect

Fridrik, our esteemed Chief Architect, is a seasoned technical leader with over 15 years of experience in driving fintech innovation. His expertise has been instrumental in enabling banks to create substantial value for their customers, positioning him as a key driver of successful transformations within the industry.

Jóhanna Másdóttir
Jóhanna Másdóttir

Head of Product Development

Drawing on almost 15 years of experience in transport and purchase management, coupled with degrees in psychology and business, Jóhanna Másdóttir, our Head of Product Development, spearheads our organization's product development endeavors. Her conviction in the interplay of effective organization, employee well-being, and customer happiness is a cornerstone of her approach. Beyond leadership, she drives innovation, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge, market-leading solutions.

Maurits van Schooneveld

Head of Strategy & Business Development

Maurits is a highly experienced Head of Business Development, renowned for his strategic mindset and proficiency in driving new business initiatives, implementing expansion strategies, and forging valuable partnerships. With a keen focus on growth, Maurits plays a pivotal role in charting the course for our organization's success.

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Pedro Costa

Country Manager Portugal

Pedro is the country manager and head of development for the Portuguese office, bringing over 20 years of experience to his role. His profound technical and architectural knowledge have been instrumental in driving successful projects and achieving remarkable outcomes. With a proven track record of leadership and a strong passion for innovation, he is committed to delivering excellence.

Marcel Verrijdt
Marcel Verrijdt

Head of Delivery

With over 30 years of experience in the field of IT, Marcel stands as a seasoned leader in the delivery department, consistently leveraging his three decades of expertise to transform customer requirements into valuable business solutions. His long-standing commitment to this endeavor has made him an invaluable asset to our organization, ensuring that our customers receive tailored solutions that not only meet their needs but also drive their business success.

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Marnix De Lange

Head of SaaS

Marnix de Lange, our Head of SaaS, brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. With his strategic mindset and technical proficiency, Marnix leads our organization's SaaS team, assuring platform uptime and performance and driving customer success in this dynamic landscape.

James Devine
James Devine

Chief Cloud Architect


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Our core focus is to help you with what is most important to you. At all times you want to be in full control of your business while being able to move fast and respond effectively to opportunities and new realities. At five°degrees, we are devoted to delivering the best core banking experience with an open and flexible platform that literally runs as a service in the back, delivering the carefree value you need

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We are continuously looking for new talent to join our team of international experts dedicated to continuously improve our technology and let our customers succeed. Also if we are currently not looking for your expertise, don't hesitate to reach out.