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Deposit- & Cash Accounts

Deposit- and cash account banking solutions are the backbone of modern banking, making fund management easy and secure.

Functionality Highlights

Our deposits and accounts engine supports a comprehensive range of easily managed and administered products, allowing product agility and quick time-to-market.
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Deposit & Cash Accounts

Our deposit- and cash accounts modules support account creation and management, savings accounts, multi-currency accounts, and movements. The module supports multi-currency accounts with both fixed interest, multiple interest tiers, and overdraft functionality.

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Term Contracts

Customize your term deposit plans with fixed interest and tiered interest. We offer flexibility, allowing compounded interest to be conveniently transferred to any linked savings account.

The core principles of our solutions.

Our solutions have been developed based on 14 years of experience with banking technology and industry standards, with a consistent emphasis on building robust technology, ensuring that we deliver the best user experience to our clients.

No-code Configuration

The accounts builder simplifies and streamlines the creation of highly customizable products, without losing scalability. Through the configuration portal, you can create and manage templates. The creation of these templates does not require coding.


User Interface

Our user interface is designed to cater to the different needs of client-facing staff, developers, and functional managers. Whether you're interfacing with clients, coding, or managing functionality, our user-centric design ensures a streamlined experience.


Rest APIs

fiveºdegrees offers configurability through both API integration and the user interface. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to initiate task execution, whether through API commands or the user interface.


Event-driven Architecture

Our platform proactively generates events to which clients can subscribe and define actions within the platform. These events are seamlessly channelled through the events hub within the account's engine. This architecture enables any external application to effortlessly subscribe to and consume the events, fostering a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem.


Data Management

Ensure uninterupted access to your data with our solutions. Recognizing the importance of impactful reporting, we've curated an open and granular data structure tailored for the banking sector. Our solutions seamlessly integrate standard reporting templates, providing a framework for insightful analysis.


Automatic Scaling

Harnessing the power of the cloud with automatic scaling. Performance optimization becomes dynamic, seamlessly adjusting resources in response to varying workloads. This guarantees efficiency and ensures adaptability to changing business demands, all achieved without the need for manual intervention.

Why choose fiveºdegrees as your trusted partner?

Our deposits and accounts engine supports a comprehensive range of products that are easily managed and administered, allowing product agility and quick time-to-market.
Faster Time-to-Market

Our core banking products enable your institution to maintain a competitive edge by dramatically reducing time-to-market for new features and updates. By leveraging the cloud's rapid deployment capabilities, you can swiftly adapt to changing customer preferences and regulatory requirements.

Banking Grade

Our core banking products have been built with the unique insights of individuals with hands-on experience in the banking industry. We've designed our platform "By Bankers, For Bankers."

Future Proof

Experience future-ready technology with our next-gen solutions that simplify the management of deposit accounts, cash accounts, and term contracts. Through our extensive configuration possibilities, we make complex coding a breeze.

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Enhance your deposit-taking operations with highly flexible, cloud-native technology.