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Foreign Exchange

Your core banking system forms the foundation of your global financial market, enabling smooth currency exchanges and effective risk management on a global scale. When you make FX easy, it is really not that foreign.

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Functionality Highlights

Our FX functionality is powered by the deposits- and cash accounts module, part of the fiveºdegrees banking solution suite. You will instantly reap the benefits of modern technology.

connect your fx
Connect your FX rates

Our FX functionality is powered by the deposits- and cash accounts module, part of the fiveºdegrees banking solution suite. You will instantly reap the benefits of modern technology.

full multi currency support
Full multi-currency support

Meet your clients' growing need to minimize currency risks with our solution's multi-currency accounts and a diverse range of foreign exchange products. Experience seamless multi-currency management that ensures effective risk mitigation.

The core principles of our solutions.

We have a relentless focus on building high quality software products and know the challenges presented to banks today. Our solutions allow you to build your global business using Foreign Exchange.


To maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance, all development work within our solution undergoes rigorous ISAE 3000 auditing. Code reviews, version control practices, and robust security measures are actively enforced throughout our development process. This commitment to auditing and control ensures that our software adheres to industry best practices and compliance standards, guaranteeing that our users can trust in the quality and security of our solution.



Our approach to software builds embodies automation and a structured release flow. We have implemented a robust automatic pipeline that encompasses code compilation, unit and integration testing, and packaging. Following a well-defined release flow from development to production ensures that our software is systematically validated and delivered efficiently to our users. This approach minimizes the potential for errors and ensures a smooth, controlled software release process.


API Testing

In our software solution, the principles of API Testing play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and functionality of our application's underlying services. We have automated our API tests, enabling continuous validation of our APIs, and we conduct various types of tests, including functional, load, and security testing. This rigorous testing regimen ensures that our APIs consistently deliver the expected results, fostering a dependable foundation for our software.


User Interface

Experience great usability of the interface, which was designed from the start with various users in mind: client-facing staff, developers and functional managers. Our commitment to UI Testing meticulously examines every aspect of our application's user interface. These tests not only help us identify and rectify issues before they reach our users, but also guarantee that each software release maintains a seamless and user-friendly interface.


Room for Customization

Our solution offers a standardized on-premises SaaS platform, complemented by the flexibility to accommodate and fulfil your custom, tailor-made requirements. We are dedicated to working closely with you to understand your distinct requirements and provide bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate into our platform.

fiveºdegrees is your trusted FX contracts partner.

Our deposit and account engine supports a comprehensive range of products that are easily managed and administered, allowing product agility and quick time to market.
Flexible configuration of processes

The more organizations can configure themselves, the more independently businesses are run. That's why you can define the processes around your FX settlements, payments, flows, terms, and currency rates.

Automate what you can

Leverage automation to streamline your operations, empowering self-service at every step of the settlement process. From the dynamic updating of exchange rates to the seamless handling of large transactions, automation is the backbone of your system, reducing the margin of error and minimizing the reliance on experienced traders being available around the clock.

Enjoy a one-stop-shop

fiveºdegrees' solutions will enable your business to run internationally with revenue in multiple currencies. We provide an FX solution covering the entire foreign exchange spectrum, including FX forwards, spot transactions, swaps, and outright purchases. Our platform facilitates contract rollovers and seamless payments through multi-currency accounts, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Additionally, we offer automated settlements with direct integration into your accounting systems, streamlining your financial operations. We aim to provide a complete FX solution that simplifies currency transactions and enhances financial management.

When you make FX easy, it’s really not that foreign.

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3 reasons for enhancing your FX operations with Five Degrees

  • Set your business up for international growth
  • Launch new propositions in days instead of months or years
  • Benefit from a best-in-breed platform and ecosystem