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automated processes.
personalized experience.

With a digital core banking platform to
make your bank fit for the future.

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Digital solutions to help you take advantage of new opportunities

Customers want a richer banking experience. Retail banks need to be more flexible and create faster processes. If they fail to adopt digital transformation, they will lose market share, customers, and profits. Our digital banking solutions are designed to help you introduce more efficient processes, launch new products faster and more effectively, and improve customer experience. 

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Be more flexible and develop faster retail processes

High levels of process automation keep your costs low compared to your competitors

Better understand and connect with your customers

We enable you to establish a 360-degree customer view and personalize the customer experience

Create and launch products and services more quickly and more effectively

Adapt your products and services to your customers’ needs, creating cash accounts, term deposits, loans, and FX contracts

Matrix mid

Matrix mid: Create a customer-centric and agile digital bank

Matrix mid helps you improve the customer experience and reduce costs, creating a flexible, future-proof platform.

Matrix accounts

Matrix accounts: Customizable banking

Matrix accounts is a scalable, product-centric module that lets you customize your banking product landscape

“We set out to transform the Dutch banking market by putting ourselves on the side of the customer. Thanks to our collaboration with five°degrees and their innovative product Matrix we were able to make that happen.”

Rene Frijters Founder Knab

Digital banking solutions to create
a customer-centric bank

Robo advice

Our robo advice solution is designed for financial institutions that want to offer their customers straightforward and affordable financial advice

Savings & Deposit

Provide your customers with flexible savings and deposit accounts, including multi-currency options

FX trading

Offer your customers fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use FX services, let them make SEPA and SWIFT payments in real-time, and create multi-currency accounts, with our FX trading solution

Retail lending

Increasing automation and data gathering leading to lower costs

Custom solution

No matter what sort of digital banking solution you need, five°degrees can provide a tailor-made solution to your requirements


Attract customers looking to secure a mortgage with our full range of services, from execution only through to one-on-one advice from an external advisor

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