Our partnership with Rulecube

Rulecube & fiveºdegrees join forces to revolutionize digital banking processes.

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Transforming business operations with Rulecube.

In collaboration with Rulecube, we aim to integrate their innovative low-code solutions into our platform, enhancing agility and customization for our clients.

About Rulecube.

Rulecube is a pioneering company specializing in low-code solutions for business rules and API creation. With over two decades of experience, Rulecube has developed enterprise solutions and knowledge management systems, aiming to simplify complex systems prevalent in various industries. Their collaborative approach involves co-creation with partners and clients to deliver agile and tailored solutions that meet diverse business needs.

Revolutionizing business processes.

Rulecube's innovative software solutions are designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and empower organizations to transform their knowledge into practical IT building blocks. Their low-code engine solution enables seamless integration of APIs into existing platforms, providing flexibility and scalability for diverse business cases. With a short development cycle approach, Rulecube's agile engine can be customized from generic to tailor-made solutions, ensuring that each product meets the unique needs of every business. Through their commitment to innovation and collaboration, Rulecube continues to revolutionize the way businesses approach rule management and API creation.

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