Our partnership with Qii

Qii & fiveºdegrees join forces to facilitate financial institutions' data gathering and sharing activities.

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Share data safely with Qii.

fiveºdegrees, part of Topicus Finance, embarks on an exciting partnership with Qii. In collaboration with Qii, we aim to empower seamless integration for accurate and verified user data within your customer journey.

About Qii. 

Qii believes in a world where everyone has complete control over their personal data and can share it with confidence. Qii is achieving this goal by creating a safe and secure data-sharing platform called MyQii, which allows consumers to collect and share their personal data with organizations easily. Using the MyQii app, the user is able to collect their personal data from government sources, such as the tax department or share bank transactions by using the PSD2 feature. The consumer can clearly see which data has been retrieved and can provide permission to share their data with an organization. The organization then receives verified and minimalized data for the duration the user has agreed with. Doing business with Qii is safe, fast, easy, and GDPR compliant.

Know your customer. 

With Qii, you always know who you're dealing with. As you receive verified data from the consumer, you can complete accounts much quicker in comparison to manually checking all documents. Moreover, this data gives you added assurance because it has been verified and sealed by Qii. Apart from verified source data, you can also identify your consumers with Qii. The MyQii app is able to scan passports, ID cards, and driving licenses using the NFC chip on the user's phone. Their documents and identity are then verified and can safely be shared with an organization.

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