The Tech Hero award for the best (savvy) tech companies

Who will be the next Tech Hero?

Published on: October 12, 2022

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Last Tuesday, ICT Media hosted the Tech Hero Award. The tech heroes are companies that are enabling digital progress.

ICT Media has offered technology heroes a platform in many ways: during CIODAY, on CIO TV, the IT executive website, and the numerous annual events and roundtables. If we look at today’s society, it is driven by digital transformation within our enterprises. In the last 12 years, ICT Media has provided a stage for start-ups and scale-ups from an inspirational point of view. After all, these are the companies of the future.

This year's nominees are:



Picnic started with a mission to make grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable but along the journey it became clear to Picnic that this is a tech game. Currently Picnic is building an entire logistical last mile distribution model which is incredibly unique in the tech world.



five°degrees was born out of frustration within the banking industry. Banks were so slow to adapt to new market opportunities and circumstances. five°degrees has embarked on this challenge in the last 10 years. The company is now building the next-gen cloud-native core banking system with the highest level of technology.

Go Sharing


GO Sharing offers 100% electric shared transport as a new, flexible way of travel via one app. They connect regions for everyone in a fun way. Go Sharing wants to use innovative technology to make 100% electric shared transport accessible for everyone from door to door.

During the second special edition CIO TV CIODAY the Tech Hero nominees come together to discuss their technology in this dynamic market. Picnic and five°degrees give their vision on how technology is making the difference in their enterprises. Watch CIO TV here.

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