Swishfund live on five°degrees’ cloud-native core banking platform.

Published on: July 27, 2022

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The cloud-native core banking platform, °neo, enables Swishfund to focus on its core business and provide a truly excellent customer lending experience.

Swishfund was founded in 2016 to help SME entrepreneurs realize growth, valu e creation, and exploit market opportunities. The company has a pioneering role in developing innovative corporate financing and is one of the first fintech lenders in the Netherlands.   

The SME lending company is now focusing on further expanding its business, as it has become a highly successful label in the market with stellar growth figures. With °neo, Swishfund will significantly leverage the cloud-native core banking platform's capabilities by adopting a range of highly automated and flexible financial products to scale rapidly, meet customers' needs, and stay ahead in the market.    

°neo is a cloud-native core banking platform for banks and lenders that want seamless SaaS loan management technology and delivers a truly innovative proposition to its clients. The solution combines a deep knowledge of banking, years of experience and outstanding technological expertise. Its users benefit from a next-gen core banking system that provides banking-grade granularity in combination with extensive data management capabilities and a codeless configuration.  °neo's best-in-class ecosystem helps banks shorten their time to market by leveraging other fintech's services, making it easy to combine additional functionalities to enhance their core capabilities. 

five°degrees is a front runner in delivering next generation banking technology and has been for over a decade. Founded by bankers in 2010, their clients are leading banks and lenders in Europe and North America with a strong digital ambition. 

Jeroen Sonsma, CEO at Swishfund, comments: 'We believe entrepreneurs should have access to financing as efficiently and flexible as possible. Therefore, we are working with the latest technologies in the market to meet their demands. By adopting °neo, we are reaching the next step in efficiency, which opens new possibilities to deliver a seamless lending experience that will bring us more customers and retain existing ones. Due to the platform's nature, we were able to tailor its infrastructure according to our needs. Now, we can offer our customers an even smoother application and approval process via our websites www.swishfund.nl and www.swishfund.co.uk. Integrating °neo into our business enables us to merely focus on what we are good at - offering fast, flexible, and suitable credit.'    

Jeffrey Severijn, CEO °neo, comments: After a decade of providing innovative core banking technology for our clients, we are incredibly excited to have Swishfund as our customer for °neo. We are proud to see Swishfund embrace and trust our cloud-native core banking solution. And although our developer portal facilitated the implementation of °neo with accessible self-service documentation, we fully commit to providing all the support needed to Swishfund so they can keep achieving their business goals by leveraging our platform.


“By adopting °neo, we will reach the next step in efficiency, which opens new possibilities to deliver a seamless lending experience”

Jeroen Sonsma
Jeroen Sonsma
CEO at Swishfund

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