°neo by five°degrees and Rulecube

This collaboration aims to speed up complex business processes in the cloud-native core banking platform °neo.

Published on: June 22, 2022

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five°degrees teams up with Rulecube to enhance the digital banking experience within its cloud-native core banking platform, °neo.

This collaboration aims to speed up complex business processes in the cloud-native core banking platform °neo by five°degrees. The platform will support a wide range of actions and procedures backed up with the BRE (business rule engine) that will allow users to tailor its offered processes according to their needs. 

Robert Janssen, Lead Product Owner at °neo by five°degrees: "As you can imagine, a loan lifecycle relies on a path paved by many complex business rules. Or you can think of much more complex calculations like credit risk scores, etcetera. By integrating the Rulecube business engine, °neo can instantly and easily decide when a fee is applicable for a loan, calculate the amount of the fee, and when it is due. So with the integration of Rulecube, we can bring digital banking processes to the next level" 

Mick Hanswijk, CTO at Rulecube: "°neo by five°degrees has strategically opted for speed and agility. By integrating the Rulecube solution as a standard within °neo, their clients can use the full potential of what a business rule engine offers. With this collaboration, we look forward to helping their product °neo (and ultimately their customers) on their way to hyper agility." 

About Rulecube

The people from Rulecube have developed Enterprise solutions and Knowledge management systems for more than 20 years now. They believe that many existing systems are way too complex. Hence, their experience and beliefs combined to create a new and refreshing way to turn the company's knowledge into ready-to-use IT building blocks.

About °neo by five°degrees  

°neo by five°degrees is a cloud-native core banking solution that enables financial institutions to meet today's standards. The platform was born in 2019 with a mission to support financial products for banks and lenders that want seamless SaaS loan management technology. °neo combines a deep knowledge of banking, years of experience, and outstanding technological expertise. Its users benefit from a next-gen core banking system that provides banking-grade granularity in combination with extensive data management capabilities, a codeless configuration and a best-in-breed ecosystem.

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