Expert interview: Data compliance for SME lenders with °neo

Expert Interview with Marnix de Lange, Head of SaaS.

Published on: November 29, 2023

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Navigating Data Compliance Challenges in SME Lending

Insights from Marnix de Lange, Head of SaaS at five°degrees.

In the dynamic digital landscape, SME lending encounters various obstacles, with data compliance emerging as a significant challenge. Negotiating a complex web of legal requirements, SME lenders wrestle with complexities to make sure they follow them. To unravel the strategies employed by SME lenders in maintaining data compliance, we reached out to Marnix de Lange, Head of SaaS, who provided valuable insights into the essential initiatives undertaken to facilitate compliance for SME lenders utilizing the core banking solution, °neo.


Read our blog about data compliance for SME lenders for a more detailed insight into our conversation with Marnix.


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