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close contact.
further reach.

With a digital core banking platform that helps you automate processes and improve the customer experience.


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Helping you rediscover
the value of SMEs

SME customers were an underserved segment of the banking sector. Now competition for their business is on the rise. Technology companies are looking to disrupt the market and provide SMEs with new options, such as access to online financing. Our digital banking solutions are designed to help SME banks and new entrants stay ahead of the game, helping you launch new products and services while creating more personalized customer contact.

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Easily create and adjust banking products

SMEs are demanding faster, cheaper, and easier-to-use FX services, which you can deliver through our platform

Set up a lean, agile and highly-adaptable back office solution

Matrix mid acts as an orchestrating hub between channels, back-end systems, and the fintech eco system

Improve efficiency and lower costs

High levels of process automation make you more efficient and keep your costs lower than your competitors

Matrix mid

Matrix mid:
Increasing efficiency

Matrix mid enables you to reconnect with your customers by providing a highly-efficient, truly-digital experience

Matrix accounts

Matrix accounts:
Easily create banking products

Matrix accounts enables you to easily create and adjust banking products, such as cash accounts, term deposits, loans, and FX contracts

“We set out to transform the Dutch banking market by putting ourselves on the side of the customer. Thanks to our collaboration with five°degrees and their innovative product Matrix we were able to make that happen.”

Rene Frijters Founder Knab

Digital banking solutions to create
a customer-centric bank

Robo advice

Provide your customers with straightforward, affordable financial advice

Savings & Deposit

Provide your customers with flexible savings and deposit accounts, including multi-currency options

FX trading

Attract and retain customers by providing them with fast, low-cost and easy-to-use FX services

Custom solution

No matter what sort of digital banking solution you need, five°degrees can provide a tailor-made solution to your requirements

SME lending

The SME lending solution that removes processing and data-gathering headaches, and creates highly-satisfied customers


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Learn more about how you can seize the SME lending opportunity

Download the white paper and find out how to plan a winning SME lending strategy to stay relevant in the fast-moving financial world.

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