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 We created °neo from the ground up and combined our track record with cloud-native technology.  Through °neo, our clients rely on a banking grade SaaS system that unites our extensive experience working with world-class financial institutions.


The °neo core banking platform.

We understand how banks operate. Therefore, we have carefully created a platform that is designed for banks. °neo supports a wide variety of financial products, standard banking processes and enables a full 360 view on customers, companies, products and all their relations.

°neo accounts engine
°neo lending engine
°neo 360

°neo accounts engine

°neo lending engine

°neo 360

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core banking.

The °neo cloud platform is a SaaS native core banking solution that is easy to use and implement. The open character of °neo facilitates easy integration with other systems. 

°neo, provides banking-grade technology with outstanding usability and data management to succeed. 

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°neo helps you to utilize data and offers a revolutionary end-user experience.

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Banking grade

Core banking needs to be flawless at any time. The °neo platform is designed to easily integrate into an application landscape and built on proven cloud technology that lives up to the standards of the banking industry.

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°neo is built for convenience. Designed with the various users of °neo in mind: Client facing staff, developers and functional managers. Our clients can utilize our developer portal and sandbox, when needed °neo experts are available.

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data management

Data Management

You need to have access to your data at all times. We understand which data makes good reporting. °neo offers an open structure and data granularity which is designed for banks and comes with standard reporting templates.

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Get to know °neo.

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°neo cloud native

Make use of high availability, on-demand scaling, APIs, security, encrypted data, single code base, microservices architecture, automated testing, continuous deployment, and the °neo developer portal.


°neo configuration

Adapt products and processes rapidly and easily through extensive configuration and parameterization.


°neo SaaS

Enjoy the convenience of cloud native technology for core banking. Leave the operations and maintenance of your core technology to five°degrees and focus on your core business.

developer experience-1

°neo developer experience

Join the °neo developer portal and get public API descriptions, cookbooks, videos, and FAQs at your disposal and leverage the °neo sandbox.


°neo processes

°neo comes with a proven set of configurable banking processes to support core operations.

data management-1

°neo data management

Have access to your data at all times. Use the open structure and data granularity which is designed for banks and comes with standard reporting templates.

User interface-1

°neo user interface

Experience usability of the °neo interface, that was designed from the start with the various users in mind: client-facing staff, developers and functional managers.

custom fields-1

°neo custom fields

Newly created custom fields are directly available in your API, reporting database and UI to cater to your specific needs.


°neo migration

Leverage our proven standard approach for migrating data from the system that is replaced into the °neo core banking platform.

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What is Core Banking?

Interested in core banking and cloud technology. Download The Cloud Native Core Banking Guide and learn how to leverage Cloud Native technology for your Core Banking environment and determine the key differences to be successful in your core strategy.

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What is Cloud-Native Technology?

Cloud native is an approach to create and run an application that fully utilizes the cloud computing delivery model. Compared to technology that is lifted to the cloud, cloud native is build for the cloud and usually comes with significant benefits in terms of efficiency, openness and scalability.

What is °neo Core Banking?

 °neo is a cloud-based core banking system for banks and lenders that want seamless SaaS loan management technology. Our platform is a modular and highly scalable cloud-native banking system that allows banks to configure and customize their processes and workflows according to their unique requirements. The platform supports a wide range of financial products and services, including account management, deposits, loans, payments, and transaction processing. By providing a unified view of customer data and banking operations, it helps banks streamline their processes and improve customer service.

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Why is Microsoft Azure reliable for core banking?

Cloud-native technology is future-proof. It offers scalability, security, and value-added services. At five°degrees we chose to leverage Microsoft Azure services as a foundation for our core banking platform, for many reasons.

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