How to select your cloud based core banking software vendors.

All you need in choosing a platform that meets your long-term strategy to become future-proof.

Published on: February 21, 2022

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The financial industry is experiencing a great shift in their digital transformation.

To reap the benefits of digitalization, and speed up innovation, they are now opting for cloud-based core banking softwares.

A reliable and good core banking solutions relies on composable architecture connected by APIs. An agile architecture enables quick changes to rapidly combine, build, deliver and scale products, among other functionalities. 

As a bank, you need to choose the right platform that meets your long-term strategy to become future-proof. But, how to select an effective core banking solution? We created a guide to help determine the right cloud-based core banking system.

In this guide, you will find the different elements you need to consider during the selection process, and a list of questions to include in your RFI to ensure you have all you need when selecting your SaaS. 

In this guide you can find in detail the importance of: 

FD_Icons_our APIs black The Cloud Choice      FD_Icons_product configuration black  Scaling       

FD_Icons_computer security black Data encryption          FD_Icons_check black Testing      

FD_Icons_cloud computing black Ecosystem-friendly    FD_Icons_single codebase black Single codebase    

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