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White papers: Helping you make an informed decision

matrix account

Digital core banking: Where the future lies

This white paper explains how evolving business conditions in the banking industry and dynamic changes in the core system market are driving legacy modernization.

Matrix mind

Marketplace banking: From traditional banking, to marketplace banking

In this white paper, you will learn about the evolution of the fintech market, and what banks need to do to ensure digital banking initiatives are effective.


Marketplace banking for SMEs

SMEs are often neglected by banks. This white paper explains how our digital banking platform and solutions can help banks reconnect with this key group of customers.


PSD2: A marketplace banking opportunity

This white paper outlines the ‘ins and outs’ of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), and the huge impact it will have on banking.


Making the switch to digital banking

Ready to switch to digital banking? Still undecided? This white paper might help you make up your mind. It outlines the drivers, requirements, challenges and opportunities of making the transition to a fully-digital banking enterprise.


Matrix digital core banking: Next-generation banking

What is Matrix? How can it help transform banking? How can it help you transform to a digital bank? This white paper explains Matrix’s cutting-edge technology and functionalities.


FX trading & payments: How our FX module can help you

This white paper explains how our FX module is helping fintechs, banks, and payment service providers launch engaging, automated FX offerings.


Robo advisory: How to manage investable wealth

In this white paper, we detail our Robo advice solution, the products it supports, and what it can offer you and your customers.


Modernize core banking: How to improve the customer experience

Legacy core banking owners know all about inflexibility. This white paper explains how you can improve the customer experience by implementing our digital banking platform on top of your legacy core banking system.