How to select your cloud based vendors.

Chapter Five: Low-code configuration & Testing

Published on: January 17, 2022

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The cloud is changing the game for core banking applications.

Banks replacing their traditional core system represents a significant leap in their digital transformation. It allows for more agility and fewer efforts. In this final chapter. We will take you through the last two important aspects to look at when seeking a core banking vendor. We will discuss the importance of a low-code configuration and a friendly testing deployment.

FD_Icons_settings black  Low-code configuration

As a buyer, you need good documentation with clear information when it comes to making configurations. Pay attention to this aspect when selecting your core banking system. Make sure you have a developer portal environment that enables you to make more with less help.

FD_Icons_check black  Testing

Testing is crucial before executing any changes. Having a sandbox capability in your landscape will facilitate the testing process for all your API integrations. So, ensure your vendor offers this solution. This will enable you to have a safe environment to make any change for a test drive before its deployment.

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