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White papers: Helping you discover digital banking

A strategic guide to selecting a digital banking platform

A strategic guide to selecting a digital banking platform

To make the full switch to digital banking, you require a digital banking platform. The Strategic Guide to Selecting a Digital Banking Platform helps you plan your route through your digital transformation.

Making the switch rewiring banking white paper

Making the switch to digital banking

This white paper outlines the requirements, challenges and opportunities of making the transition to a fully-digital banking enterprise.

Digital core banking white paper

Digital core banking: Where the future lies

This white paper explains how evolving business conditions in the banking industry and dynamic changes in the core system market are driving legacy modernization.

PSD2 white paper

PSD2: A marketplace banking opportunity

This white paper outlines the ‘ins and outs’ of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), and the huge impact it will have on banking.

Digital banking case studies: Discover the power of our digital banking solutions

Brand New Day bank case study

Brand New Day

Learn how five°degrees and Brand New Day Bank has built a new digital bank from scratch in just 5 months.

Case study : Knab


Learn how Knab has made a significant impact on the Dutch banking scene by running a full-service digital banking platform powered by Matrix mid.

Case study : Van Lanschot

Van Lanschot

Learn how Van Lanschot took its banking systems digital with a flexible, future-proof platform on which the bank can build and expand.

Case study : Munnypot


Learn how Munnypot made its financial advice affordable and accessible to all with Matrix.

Matrix: Technical documentation

Matrix digital core banking paper

Matrix: Digital core banking

In this document we describe how Matrix mid and Matrix accounts can help you develop a truly customer-centric and agile digital bank.

Videos: Learn about digital banking trends

The Fintech Show / The future of banking

Published on: 08-10-2018
Duration: 15:53

"An API-enabled core is the way to unlock a bank's future" explains Martijn Hohmann (CEO, five°degrees) in his interview with The Fintech Show.

Fintech Finance interview / Money20/20 Europe 2018

Published on: 22-06-2017
Duration: 3:13

The client is the banks biggest asset and we have started a totally new digital banking platform which was centered around the client instead of the product.” says Martijn Hohmann (CEO, five°degrees).

Financial IT interview / Money20/20 Europe 2018

Published on: 14-06-2018
Duration: 4:26
The digital transformation is the most exciting topic at Money20/20Europe explains our CEO Martijn Hohmann in his interview with Financial IT.

FinovateAsia 2017: Lending solution

Published on: 04-12-2017
Duration: 7:12

Insights into how Matrix, our digital banking platform, can help you improve the customer experience and reduce costs, creating a flexible, future-proof bank.