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about cloud-native core banking.

white papers.

digital banking for SME loans

Digital Banking for SME loans

Find out how to plan a winning SME lending strategy to stay relevant in the fast-moving financial world.

Architect’s Guide to Digital Core Banking in the Cloud

Architect’s Guide to Digital Core Banking in the Cloud

Learn about building and implementing your digital core banking platform in the cloud, configurable and with automated deployment.

A strategic guide to selecting a digital banking platform

A strategic guide to selecting a digital banking platform

To make the full switch to digital banking, you require a digital banking platform. The Strategic Guide to Selecting a Digital Banking Platform helps you plan your route through your digital transformation.

Digital core banking white paper

Digital core banking: Where the future lies

This white paper explains how evolving business conditions in the banking industry and dynamic changes in the core system market are driving legacy modernization.

digital banking case studies.



Get to know why Argenta is certain that the Matrix platform was the best match for Argenta's requirements and how Matrix allows Argenta to integrate other services, both at the front end and at the back end. Download the case study here.

Brand New Day bank case study

Brand New Day

Learn how five°degrees and Brand New Day Bank has built a new digital bank from scratch in just 5 months.

Case study : Knab


Learn how Knab has made a significant impact on the Dutch banking scene by running a full-service digital banking platform powered by Matrix mid.

Case study : Van Lanschot

Van Lanschot

Learn how Van Lanschot took its banking systems digital with a flexible, future-proof platform on which the bank can build and expand.


LendIt Europe 2019 / Fintech Finance interview

Published on: 24-10-2019
Duration: 2:23

Fintech Finance interview at Lendit Europe 2019 about what separates five°degrees from the competition and details on our innovative lending proposition.

Money20/20 Europe 2019 / Fintech Finance interview

Published on: 17-06-2019
Duration: 2:35

Fintech Finance interviews Peter-Jan van de Venn (EVP Business Development, five°degrees) at Money20/20 Europe 2019.

FinovateEurope 2019: "next-next-finish"

Published on: 04-03-1019
Duration: 6:44

We demonstrate how we can spin-up and configure on the spot a complete end-to-end retail bank in the cloud. Our “next-next-finish” process and UI enable even non-IT professionals to spin up a new bank.

The Fintech Show / The future of banking

Published on: 08-10-2018
Duration: 15:53

"An API-enabled core is the way to unlock a bank's future" explains Martijn Hohmann (CEO, five°degrees) in his interview with The Fintech Show.