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sharpen your focus.
boost your performance.

A digital core banking platform in the cloud
that reduces costs and increases profits.
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Are you ready to make your 
bank future-proof?

In today’s competitive and highly-regulated market, banks are looking to stay ahead of the competition. They need digital solutions that provide a first-class customer experience, and that are easy to install, customize and secure. Matrix mid is the answer for a future-proof digital core banking platform.

Matrix mid

Can be connected to any (legacy) core banking system

By digitalizing legacy systems and automating processes, Matrix mid can help you enhance your unique propositions, attract customers, drive sales, improve response times, and reduce costs.

360-degree customer view

Matrix mid lets you create a 360-degree customer view and personalize the customer experience, creating stronger customer connections.

Agile, flexible, and highly secure

Our digital core banking platform Matrix mid is customizable and highly secure, helping you stay ahead of the competition.
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What can Matrix mid offer you and your customers?

  • A single intelligent platform that supports customer onboarding, transactions, documents, and all customer interactions
  • A system that lets customers manage their personal details, 24/7
  • Real-time linking with debit and credit card service providers
  • Cutting-edge security, including auditing and sophisticated security architecture
  • A BPM that efficiently manages, visualizes, and logs all your banking and client-related processes
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“We set out to transform the Dutch banking market by putting ourselves on the side of the customer. Thanks to our collaboration with five°degrees and their innovative product Matrix we were able to make that happen.”

Rene Frijters Founder Knab

Matrix accounts: Enabling full front-to-back banking

Matrix accounts is a scalable, product-centric module that supports the administration and processing of savings, investments, lending, and payments products and transactions
Matrix accounts

Digital banking solutions to create
a customer-centric bank

Robo advice

Provide your customers with straightforward, affordable financial advice

SME lending

The SME lending solution that removes processing and data-gathering headaches, and creates highly-satisfied customers

Retail lending

Increasing automation and data gathering, leading to lower costs

FX trading

Attract and retain customers by providing them with fast, low-cost and easy-to-use FX services

Wealth management

Effectively manage a complex, competitive and highly-regulated environment with our low-cost, flexible solution

Custom solution

No matter what sort of digital banking solution you need, five°degrees can provide a tailor-made solution to your requirements


Attract customers looking to secure a mortgage with a full range of services, from execution-only through to one-on-one advice from an external advisor

Savings & Deposit

Provide your customers with flexible savings and deposit accounts, including multi-currency options

Current accounts

Provide your customers with a truly flexible current account that supports debit/credit cards and multiple accounts

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