Five°Degrees and Rulecube

Published on: May 11, 2022

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There are minor changes that can bring your company the innovation everybody wants. 

You really need that change. An extra push-up that can bring your company the innovation everybody wants. But change is challenging. That's why you need IT resources to get there. And IT is scarce these days. As a result, your business innovation comes to a complete stop.

Rulecube is the low-code business rule engine and API builder that enables tech companies to become hyper agile by empowering business specialists to define the rules.

As part of a more extensive landscape, Rulecube enables us to clearly define, maintain and version business rules and APIs without burdening us with tedious administrative rules. By leveraging their expertise, we can offer our clients more low-code capabilities without disrupting our development process. This enables us to focus on enhancing the functionality of our cloud-native core banking system.

About Rulecube

Rulecube develops Enterprise solutions and Knowledge management systems for more than 20 years now. They believe that many existing systems are way too complex. Rulecube experience and beliefs combined result in a new and refreshing way to turn the company's knowledge into ready-to-use IT building blocks.

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