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Digital identity verification with Siginicat Assure


An advanced solution to help you onboard customers in a way that is simple, secure and efficient. 


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About Signicat

Signicat is a trusted digital identity hub, providing digital services to identity and authenticate users online. Next to that, Signicat offers services to sign digital legally binding documents.

  • Decrease risk and fraud by leveraging on trusted identity services.
  • Improve efficiency and decrease cost by implementing STP identity methods.
  • Improve efficiency and decrease cost by signing legally binding documents digitally.


  • Availability of all supported eIDs through 1 single API.
  • Integration of multiple OCR technologies through 1 single API.
  • High level of flexibility of the signing API, allowing:
    • Sign forwarding
    • Signing dynamic fields with Signicat Forms
    • Adding an authentication layer
    • Identity validation
    • Signing multiple documents
    • Allowing multiple signatories
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