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Software for automating decision-making processes in credit risk management.


SCHUMANN software ‘CAM Financial Services’ guides financial services providers on their way to automating and digitizing credit risk management processes. It enables growth by allowing clients to scale their business without increasing their number of employees.


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About Schumann

Digital transformation is one of the keys to putting oneself in a good position. With low margins, automating processes is inevitable in order to ensure efficiency, which is a main criterion for sustainable success and growth in financial services industry.


SCHUMANN is expert in consulting and supporting companies in the field of digitizing and automating credit risk management processes.


The solution for factoring, leasing and other financial services providers automates and improves credit decision-making processes. Standard interfaces provide access to information agencies, credit insurers and other service providers and enables clients to take into account all information needed in order to make the right decisions. It allows full control over master data and optimizes risk and limit management. In addition, the software supports clients with KYC and compliance tasks as well as with the management of dunning and debt collection.

  • Significant reduction of administration and process costs
  • Scalability and opportunities for new businesses, i.a. SME
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Improved working capital management
  • High quality of decision-making
  • Fast processes
  • Full compliance with any regulations



Master Data Management (MDM): High data quality through automated data cleansing and enrichment

Risk and Limit Management: Real-time creditworthiness checks, permanent monitoring of established customers

Integrated Reporting Tool: Comprehensive data analysis possibilities

Compliance with KYC and data protection: Automated and documented identification and verification of contractual and business partners, considering all regulatory requirements to 100%

Customized Receivables Management: Supporting defaulting customers individually, no matter how many customers a client has

Corporate Linkage: Transparency about company structures and shareholdings

Multi-stage approval processes: Documented, customized and double-checked approval processes which are audit-proof

Document Check: Client-based definition of required documents, completeness check

Workflow Management: Optimized workflows by the possibility to design, manage, control and document internal processes

Standard interfaces to external data and service providers: Access to more than 50 information agencies, credit insurers and payment record pools

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