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RDC, the Smarter Screening (TM) company, delivers real-time compliance screening with accuracy, speed and efficiency, allowing financial organizations to identify banned/suspect entities, strengthen fraud protection and protect their brand equity

RDC’s technology optimizes the delivery of data to our clients in a single, efficient platform.


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About RDC

RDC delivers powerful, decision-ready intelligence and world class risk and compliance protection, allowing global organizations to identify banned/suspect entities, strengthen fraud protection, ensure regulatory compliance, manage supply and distribution risk and protect their brand equity. The RDC solution has been supporting the compliance and screening needs of our clients for over 15 years, and today helps organizations of all sizes and industries meet their compliance obligations and address their trust and safety concerns.


RDC’s GRID™ database is the only comprehensive risk-indexed library of individuals and organizations on the market.   From a protection standpoint, we provide unmatched coverage of adverse media/negative news, PEPs, government lists, sanctions and watchlists. Data for GRID is procured on the basis of its utility to assist clients in rooting out corruption, money laundering, fraud, compliance, organized crime, sanctions and other financial crimes and associated regulatory and reputational risk.


The unique way in which RDC structures its database allows for more granular and sophisticated filtering than anyone else in the industry giving clients access to the broadest and most comprehensive protection while minimizing workload.


  • Uncovering more risk than any other competitor
  • Providing greater efficiencies and eliminating false positives
  • Eliminating the need to re-screen clients for updates


  • More Data = More Protection. Meet and exceed your regulatory obligations globally with comprehensive compliance screening against data from 240 countries in 77 languages.
  • Unsurpassed coverage. Over 200,000+ sources scanned daily for updates and 250M+ names screened daily
  • Individuals and Organizations with Adverse Media/Negative News – relating to approximately 60 risk codes
  • High Precision Filtering allows clients to design filters that meet their specific needs. These filters can be tuned and adjusted at any time, allowing responsiveness to changing regulations and internal risk re-assessments. Clients can also select different rules and filters for different business lines, as needed.
  • Automated Daily Monitoring will automatically scan all customer names every 24 hours against any adds or updates to GRID, taking away the need for periodic rescreens.
  • Multiple Delivery Options, from large volume batch to high rate single screens with RDC output in an array of formats, including XML, from simple online screening to advanced search with alert decisioning capabilities.
  • Multiple Integration Options, from batch file integration to API, online web application or daily data feed. Batch or API integration via RDC’s screening portal which makes it simple for clients to bulk import names into the RDC application
  • A SaaS Model, highly scalable and secure, eliminating the need for any additional hardware, software or IT expense.
  • Vertical Scalability to handle millions of screens daily to suit a clients’ needs
  • Support for Client Lists will allow clients to upload their own internal denied party lists and approved white lists for inclusion in the screening and monitoring efforts of their customers.
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