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Increases customer satisfaction and end-to-end digital journeys with OneSpan SignTM. Deliver strong, cost-effective security with OneSpan Authenticators.


OneSpan enables financial institutions and other organizations to succeed by making bold advances in their digital transformation. We do this by establishing trust in people’s identities, the devices they use, and the transactions that shape their lives. We believe that this is the foundation of enhanced business enablement and growth. More than 10,000 customers, including over half of the top 100 global banks, rely on OneSpan solutions to protect their most important relationships and business processes. From digital onboarding to fraud mitigation to workflow management, OneSpan’s unified, open platform reduces costs, accelerates customer acquisition, and increases customer satisfaction.


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About OneSpan

OneSpan Authenticators validate authentication requests to offer secure and seamless access to a variety of corporate resources and applications. These solutions support OneSpan’s entire range of authentication solutions from OTP hardware to software tokens, including biometrics and Cronto®.

OneSpan SignTM allows to automate any workflow, send any document or form for consent or e-Signatures, balancing ease of use with the highest levels of security and compliance. As OneSpan electronic Signatures solutions, can be essential part any simple or complex processes, it can have an immediate impact on customer experience.

OneSpan Authenticators benefits are:
• Secure Access: Provide strong user authentication to secure access to corporate resources and banking applications.
• Authentication Lifecycle: Simplify authentication lifecycle management via a single integrated system.
• Low Cost of Ownership: Easily support new standards in application and network access security for most major operating systems and platforms.

OneSpan SignTM benefits are:
• Easy of Use : Create a unique customer experience by white-labelling the solution and customizing the workflows and UI for your brand.
• Advanced Security : Protect your users, documents and data with a service that meets the most rigorous security and privacy standards.
• Scalable Platform : Extend e-signatures across your enterprise – both locally and abroad – with the most scalable and globally available platform in the market.



OneSpan SignTM key features are :

  • Optimized for All Channels and Devices.
  • Forms and Workflow.
  • Security and Compliance.


OneSpan Authenticators key features are :

  • Native integration.
  • High availability.
  • Low total cost of ownership.


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