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Enhance customer engagement with onboarding management and omnichannel access


Provide top-notch security and a great mobile experience by using Onegini Connect to connect, manage, and engage with your customers.


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About Onegini Connect

Your customers want to be connected, informed, and self-reliant. Onegini transformed more than 100 financials into a digital player, getting customers online and engaged with a higher NPS.


Onegini has served over 200 labels, 45 million users and secured over a billion transactions in just 6 years of existence.

  • Enhance customer engagement: Getting your customers online and start interacting with them leads to a higher customer engagement and NPS.
  • Higher savings: Redesign customer jobs to self-service tasks, facilitated via our frictionless omnichannel access platform.
  • Out of the box solution: Let Onegini handle the core (security, safety, compliancy & easy to use), giving you the opportunity to solely focus on creating valuable digital micro journeys for your customers. 


  • Onboarding as a service: Use our data analyses, onboarding learning with the customer journey configure tool to make sure your customers become online.
  • Omnichannel access: Onegini provides a web + mobile solution to provide omnichannel access.
  • External identities: Use external identities as social login, DigiD or iDIN and bring your own ID.
  • Authentication: Use Pincode, Touch ID, or Mobile Login to guarantee frictionless access.
  • Step up & 2nd factor: Onegini Connect includes a strong authentication feature that offers multiple levels of security.
  • Transaction signing: Facilitate secure payments on your mobile by using our banking-grade feature transaction signing
  • Device security: Onegini Connect handles any low-level security risks you can think of such as jailbreak/root detection & debug detection.
  • The core: The core set of features on the platform are constantly updated, which ensures that the latest security standards are met on a continuous basis.
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