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Build a seamless customer journey with real-time data entry solutions  


Microblink’s computer vision technology enables the fastest and easiest way for users to enter their data in mobile and web apps.


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About Microblink

Microblink is a leading provider for real-time document scanning across various industries. Built on the latest machine learning methods, their technology enables real-time data entry in mobile and web apps using a smartphone or web camera. Their solutions save time, cut costs, and enhance user experience in business processes by enabling real-time scanning of identity documents, credit cards, receipts, payment slips, and various tax, insurance, and healthcare forms.

  • Seamless user experience – simplify the customer journey and eliminate errors and typos in form-filling
  • Fast and simple customer onboarding - save time and increase efficiency in customer-facing and back-office business processes
  • Secure data processing – scanning is done offline and on-device (no Internet connection or any server-side processing)
  • Plug & play integration – available as a mobile SDK or web API; customizable UI and compatibility with all verification & biometric solutions


  • BlinkID – instantly extract data from IDs, driver's licenses, passports, work permits, visas, and other identity documents.
  • BlinkCard - instantly extract data from credit, bank or payment cards
  • PhotoPay - scan payment slips and invoices to enable quick bill payments.
  • BlinkReceipt – scan retail receipts and extract all purchase details on an SKU level.
  • BlinkInput – instantly extract various predefined data, such as loyalty or SIM card numbers, TOP-Ups, ticket numbers, or various payment data.
  • PDF417 – scan various types of barcodes and QR codes
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