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World's first real-time multilingual KYC/AML and GDPR Privacy solution


The world's banks have incurred in excess of 320 billion dollars in anti-money laundering, (AML) and anti-terrorism fines, (ATF) since 2008.


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About Fincom.co Automated Self-Compliance solution

Today's 'market leading KYC solutions' rely heavily on manual compliance processes that are costly and flawed. Fincom.co have introduced their proprietary 'Self-compliance phonetics' technology to meet today's regulatory standards, and with that, significantly reduce process costs.


Using over 36 algorithms, and 25 different languages and transliterations, we can instantly find - 'just by a name search' - an individual across myriad and unstructured databases ensuring compliance.

  • Instant AML and ATF verification - eliminate false negatives
  • Reduce false positives to almost zero
  • Automate GDPR Privacy compliance
  • Database cleansing


  • World's first real-time multi-lingual AML phonetics and GDPR Privacy technology to market
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