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Fincite.Core is a modular software suite to build tailored robo advice applications


Our software Fincite.Core is a modular wealth management suite that empowers financial service providers to build their own digital asset & wealth management applications.


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About Fincite.Core

With our modular software suite our partners can build tailored financial applications for their clients. Our 6 modules can be put together in a way that each of our partners can offer a unique solution to their clients. We provide all parts of the value chain of digital wealth management. Starting with holistic wealth aggregation, financial analytics, quantitative research and automated digital advice.


We build tailored solutions for each particular partner’s need. Whether it is related to portfolio information and analysis, allocation and investment, or hybrid, advisor supporting solutions. 


  • Modular: Clients can select among modules & algorithms matching their individual strategy. New Modules can be easily attached and connected or individually developed.
  • Individual Design: Core is not a White Label Solution. Via Middleware it connects to an individual frontend.
  • Architectural Fit: As a Service, Fincite offers the connection of the Middleware into 3rd party applications of our clients, like Portfolio Management Systems.
  • Business Compliance: Fincite.Core is built to comply with the investment office, data protection, and IT-Security.
  • Learning: With the modular architecture connecting Algorithms via APIs, Fincite can easily deploy improved algorithms within short deployment cycles.
  • Extendable: The modular architecture further allows to start with a small application covering few algorithms and iteratively add additional algorithms and features.
  • Efficiency: The modular architecture with our implementation process ensures a cost efficient set up and maintenance.



360° Financial Home

All of your Client’s Assets in One View

  • Connect bank accounts, portfolios, real estate, gold, cryptocurrencies and more


Portfolio Health Check

Get a 2nd Opinion on Your Investments

  • Connect, analyze, benchmark 3rd party portfolios and suggest improvements


Lifetime Planner

Closing Retirement Gaps. Digitally.

  • Calculate retirement gaps, model a client’s financial life, invest accordingly and close retriement gaps



Automate your investment and advice process

  • Individualize investment advice for your clients, automated, digital
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