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Figlo is a leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Noticing this success, U.S. based FinTech provider Advicent acquired Figlo in 2014.


The Figlo product suite includes powerful solutions for all types of financial planning. Through innovative product capabilities and dedicated services, Figlo helps thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future.

At Figlo, we believe that everyone should have the ability to gain financial insight. Financial insight elicits financial awareness, which in turn leads to resilience and peace of mind. 


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About Figlo

The Figlo platform is an all-in-one solution that enables advisors to provide targeted, holistic advice. The core of the platform lies in its comprehensive financial planning capabilities that cover both tax and social security calculations.

Within the Figlo Platform, four major pillars of financial planning are supported:

  • Personal financial management
  • Pension & wealth management (including personal asset liability management)
  • Insurance and bancassurance
  • Mortgage and lending

By taking advantage of the Figlo APIs, customers can utilize our core calculation capabilities in their own customer journey. This can be done both in the client-facing environment or by enabling deep integration with back-end systems.

  • Compliant Calculations around Taxes and Social Security.
    Using the Figlo Platform ensures companies they use compliant calculations and outcomes in their proposition
  • Single point of Truth.
    Using the Figlo Platform creates a single point of truth througout all offered environments.
  • API first technology enabling our partners to fully implement  our capabilities into their own portals


  • API first technology - Scalable, cloud-based technology that enables our partners to fully implement our platform’s capabilities into their own portals

  • Tax and social security compliance – The Figlo platform ensures that partners are using up-to-date and compliant calculations to generate outcomes and deliver advice.

  • Country agnostic - The Figlo platform supports multiple currencies, is multi-lingual, and supports cross-border fiscality.

  • Single point of truth - Using the Figlo platform creates a single point of truth throughout all offered environments.


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KNAB, Argenta