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Digital channel security for a new approach to banking


Unlock the full potential of the mobile and online channels and launch exciting, feature-rich products faster, with less effort and cost.


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The Entersekt Secure Platform

Financial services providers continue to bring more of their traditional offerings onto their digital channels, but the emphasis now is less on ticking boxes than on deepening engagement and moment-to-moment relevance by making the most of each channel’s particular strengths. The drive is towards greater personalization, better targeted information sharing and advice, expanded choice in on-the-go payments, rewards schemes, and more. Leading banks are recasting themselves as guides, anticipating needs or concerns and offering answers to questions before they are asked. In the near future, they will step in several times daily to counsel, warn, reward, or attest their customers, with the banking app often being the best channel to initiate these interactions, if not to conclude them.

To succeed at this and much else, banks must deliver the same intuitive, low-friction experiences that popular consumer apps do, while facing more stringent regulations and other challenges, old and new. That’s a tall order without the right tools and the right partner. The Entersekt Secure Platform is designed to help address these challenges quickly and easily, so that Entersekt’s customers can concentrate on service innovation and differentiate themselves from the competition.

    • State-of-the-art digital channel security
    • Full compliance with all relevant regulatory guidance
    • Expanding menu of on-demand digital enablement tools and experiences
    • Quick, easy deployment for shorter time to market
    • Exciting digital identity roadmap


    • Remote user registration and card provisioning
    • Advanced service channel security
    • Strong customer authentication
    • Unique device ID
    • Transaction signing
    • Version-agnostic 3-D Secure experience
    • In-app mobile payments
    • Secure messaging platform
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