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Live accounting data for SME Lending


Codat provides SME Lenders with real time insights pulled directly from SME Accounting Software.


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About Codat

Codat is a solution that reduces inefficiencies in the lending process for both the borrower and the lender.

We enable business to submit the necessary financial statements by connecting their accounting platform when applying for a loan, and presenting this information to the lender in a standardized format that can be ingested into automated credit models or your underwriters' existing workflows.

  • Reduced customer onboarding times – data synced from SME accounting software in a standardised format, rather than uploading PDFs or CSVs.
  • Richer financial performance data from SMEs – sync full set of management accounts, including Invoices, Bills, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Bank Statements.
  • On-going monitoring – have visibility of your borrowers’ financial performance in real time.


  • Authorisation: enable customers to give their explicit consent for you to have visibility on pre-determined indicators within their accounting platform.
  • Standardisation: retrieve your customers’ financial data in a standardised format, to be ingested directly int your existing credit models or underwriting workflows.
  • Synchronisation: sync the information you require from your borrowers’ accounts at a cadence of your choosing, with no further work required from the borrower.
  • Alerts and Rules: set up alerts for your account managers to respond to changes in your customers’ accounts in real-time (e.g. an increase in monthly turnover or a breach of a loan covenant).
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