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Mobile solutions and services for authentication, notifications and client engagement.


Mobile identification methods, fraud prevention and marketing tools for insurance companies, financial institutions, banks and Fintech startups.


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About CM

SMS is still one of the most reliable and accessible solutions for mobile banking worldwide. In the last decade, mobile technology revolutionised customer behaviour and people feel the need to stay continuously connected. The way they deal with their banking is also no different.

CM provides numerous mobile solutions and two-factor authentication services for the finance industry in one easy and secure platform. We enable all banking and financial institutions worldwide to easily make use of our innovative communication and identification products.

  • Cloud-based delivery platform for all communication channels including SMS, Voice, Email, Chat apps and more
  • CM.com is recognized as a Representative Vendor in May 2018 Gartner Market Guide for Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)
  • Quality and security assured service by direct operator connections globally
  • Next to a secure VPN connectivity or HTTPS connection, a GEO IP location API is available
  • Pre-built integration in Five Degrees banking solutions 
    CM.com supports mandatory authentication (PSD2) for electronic transactions or co-worker login-sessions for digital portals
  • Rich messaging communication channels available such as RCS, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram


  • Secure mobile identification and verification solutions
  • GDPR compliant Enterprise Messaging
  • Instant worldwide communication
  • Fraud prevention and data protection
  • Fast, easy and safe integration for Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
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