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LogiLink Flex Credit Check: reliable and automated acceptance processing


Accessing and using the right data is increasingly important for accurate risk assessment. LogiLink Flex Credit Check enables you to do just that.


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About Logilink

LogiLink Flex Credit Check combines both internal and external data sources, quickly enabling you to make better decisions. It also fully integrates them into your existing ordering or risk management process, supporting well thought out decisions and helping you seize commercial opportunities.


A more efficient assessment and decision-making process will aid in significantly cutting costs. Flexible installation and configuration allows you to choose the module that fits you: Consumer (Consumenten) or Business (Zakelijk).


  • More sales opportunities by better insight in customer spending limits
  • Real time loss prevention (high adaptive ability)
  • Always consistent judgement (STP)
  • Underwriters can focus on referrals
  • Lower operating costs (less FTE required)
  • Fast Return on Investment (sometimes < 1 year) because of:
    • Decrease of doubtful debts write off
    • Decrease of % rejected customers
  • DSO down


  • Less dependence on software supplier Centric, because users can change business rules, workflow, scorecards, etc.
  • Less dependence on external data agencies, because interfaces to several agencies are supported: 
    • BKR credit information
    • VIS, EVA, SFH, PEP, Sanction list (OFAC, etc.) and Insolvency
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Curatorship (CCBR)
    • Dun & Bradstreet
    • Experian
    • Focum
    • Graydon
  • STP functionality for credit consultations at the Dutch credit bureau (BKR).
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