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Humans and AI working together to make the world safer  


Bleckwen increases your fraud detection effectiveness in a real-time world, reducing customer friction and costs, improving your digital bank defenses.


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About Bleckwen

Today's evolving fraud patterns require Financial Institutions to be ever more vigilant. Using real-time advanced behavioural analysis, delivered via Artificial Intelligence, we address the inadequacy of legacy rules-based systems which cannot adapt to the increasing threats posed by real time payments and changing customer behaviours. Our highly sophisticated technologies ensure a more rigorous and accurate fraud detection process which dynamically adapts and updates user profiles. Flexible, highly scalable, Bleckwen’s solution will help future proof your business.

  • Reduce client friction
  • Reduce your TCO
  • Reduce time to manage alerts via explainable AI
  • Adapt to evolving fraud patterns
  • Optimize fraud resources 


  • Highly scalable Transaction Volume Processing Capabilities
  • White Box Approach with Interpretable Machine Learning Models
  • Real time scoring capability on high volume with low latency (<10ms)
  • Designed for Banks, with Banks to deliver full end-to-end solution
  • Mission tailored deep information extraction
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