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    • Bizcuit helps SME’s focus on their business by saving time and offering real time business insights.


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About Bizcuit

Bizcuit is the Swiss army knife for SME entrepreneurs, helping SME’s with their (financial) administration and all other financial needs. Starting with the pre-accounting process: invoicing, scanning and recognition of receipts and invoices, etc. Digitalization and processing of all these documents is integrated with the banking and accounting process of the SME. Scanned receipts and invoices are automatically attached to the bank transactions and processed into the accountancy software the SME wants. The SME is able to connect any bank account and link it with any accounting software solution. Users can also see the invoices to be paid from their accountancy software and pay instantly from any bank account. Furthermore, payroll software can be integrated, so payment batches can be approved and payed instantly as well. This means all your document- and payments logistics is managed in one app, enabling a clear overview and hyperefficient way of working.
  • Powerful efficiency: Paperless, hands-free digitalization - no data entry
  • Real-time insights: Because the administration is always up to date and linked with the accountancy software and bank accounts, accurate insights can be provided realtime
  • Flexible: Multi-device, accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device - so wherever you are you can track and manage your business
  • Transparent and independent: Bizcuit connects with best of breed solutions - making available a full ecosystem of solutions relevant to SME entrepreneurs
  • E-invoicing: Using your own branded template, you can easily generate and send e-invoices and receive the invoices automatically in your accounting software
  • Scanning and recognition of receipts and documents: Documents can be scanned or emailed to Bizcuit and are automatically recognized as purchase- or sales invoices, receipts or other documents. Documents are linked to the related bank transactions and booking in your accountancy software, and can easily be found using full text search
  • Payments: Invoices can be payed instantly from Bizcuit, as well as salary batches or outstanding items from your accountancy software
  • Actual reporting and insights: In your dashboard an overview is provided of actions to be taken, enabling a clear overview and an hyperefficient way of working
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