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BankingRight provides a superior customer experience from on-boarding to complete professional advice


BankingRight is the front-end solution for banks who want to personalize their online experience create targeted cross and up-selling campaigns via Web and Mobile solutions. Engage your clients by providing instant mobile solutions. Be future proof with a scalable and customer centric solution. Empower your business with experience-driven performance.


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About BankingRight

BankingRight smartly combines core banking functionality and thoroughly tested interaction and graphic designs with modern front-end and mobile software. Your new full digital banking system, both web and mobile based, can be up and running within 6-12 months.


Imagine a bank that automatically adapts to its clients’ ever-evolving circumstances, using multiple channels and data to continually improve client experience.


BankingRight helps you get — and stay — really close to your clients throughout their entire lifecycle, from initial on-boarding to complete personal and professional advice.

  • World class solution
  • Upgrade and greenfield
  • Low TCO – High ROI
  • Short time to market
  • Mobile first + responsive
  • Tested user experience
  • API-based solution
  • Secure and easy to integrate


  • Personalised and responsive
  • Secure environment
  • Context-aware service
  • Behavior targeting
  • Self-administrative service
  • Receive customer support 24/7
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