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Experts in Bank ALM, Regulatory Reporting, Hedge Accounting and Treasury Management solutions.


We provide banking institutions with a comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions that are fast to implement and easy to use, promote compliance and efficiency, and provide deep insight into their financial risks.


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About ALMIS and Cobalt

Banking firms are faced with the dual challenge of the relentlessly growing external regulatory reporting burden and the demand for internal management reporting to inform decisions and maximise performance.

ALMIS® is a comprehensive, flexible and compliant software system, comprising 7 integrated modules covering; margin management, market risk, liquidity, financial planning, capital adequacy, hedge accounting and regulatory reporting. These modules can be licensed individually or in any combination and offer solutions to these dual reporting challenges mentioned, and others.

Why choose ALMIS?

Compliance: Promotes compliance with the regulatory framework.

Efficiency: One integrated solution underpinned by a single source of data offers greater efficiency than multiple solutions.

Insight: Rich ALM functionality provides insights into risk exposures, enabling decisions which optimise the balance sheet.

Comprehensive: Includes ALM, Regulatory Reporting and Hedge Accounting; and integrates seamlessly with Cobalt.

Automation: Reduce data entry errors and efficiently utilise resources.

Future-proof: Continual development to support latest prudential regulatory reporting requirements.

Cobalt®, our Treasury Management System, was developed to meet the requirements of the modern lending institution’s treasury function.

This highly secure solution supports Direct Dealer Input, enables segregation of duties and facilitates Limit Management. Full integration with the ALMIS® system provides a range of benefits including collateral management features and STP from deal input to ALM & Regulatory Reporting functionality.


These solutions are now licensed by a client base of over 65 small and medium sized banking institutions.

Why choose Cobalt®

Seamless ALMIS® interface: Straight through processing of treasury data to ALM and Regulatory Reporting functionality.

Dynamic and highly configurable interface to accounting systems

Flexible limits engine with extensive configuration options and unique pre-deal preview tab

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