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ABN AMRO’s Prospery supported by five°degrees’ technology

by five°degrees | 28 December, 2017

ABN AMRO's innovative wealth management proposition named Prospery, has implemented five°degrees’ Matrix solution. Prospery has recently debuted in Germany, offering a comprehensive package to online wealth management. 

German clients can manage their own capital and investments in the unique digital platform. Prospery aims to deliver a personalized financial planning approach to their customers without using a traditional bank branch and individual personal bankers. Instead the customers can select a coach that helps them analyse their sources of wealth and advise them on where and how to invest to achieve their goals. Another interesting fact about Prospery is that it allows customers to automatically get all of their wealth from any of their accounts with all banks which is then aggregated on the Prospery platform. This works to a service available in Germany where the customers can give parties like Prospery read access to their account info (an early implementation of the PSD2 rules).

In the Prospery technological landscape, Matrix functions as the orchestrating hub. It holds all client data, governs all onboarding flows and generates consistent client information across all other software solutions used in the Prospery platform. We are very proud that ABN AMRO has selected Matrix to create a new digital player in Europe offering the total package for online wealth management.

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Five Degrees' CEO, Martijn Hohmann: ‘Five Degrees is very proud of the fact that ABN AMRO has selected Matrix to create a unique digital platform in Europe offering the total package for online wealth management.’

Prospery uses Matrix Mid, our agile and customer-centric digital core banking platform that provides high levels of automation. It enables open banking. Matrix brings together all client related information (such as CRM, client financial data, documents and communication), combined with a Business Process Management (BPM) engine that automates client and employee (business) processes.

The API layer of Matrix easily connects to any (legacy) core banking system, provides true agility and brings responsiveness to regulatory requirements, and an excellent Digital CX. Via the API and integration layer you can connect to the world of Fintech and offer new experiences to your customers. And, of course, do the mandatory CDD checks. 

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