°neo: Retail and SME Lending.


Our loan management software enables lending providers to manage retail and business lending products including unsecured loans, secured loans, and revolving credits​ through configuration. ​


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The tasks and features of the lending engine can be configured by API and by using the user interface. It is also possible to trigger a task to run manually via API or UI. More detailed information can be found in the Developer Portal.

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The lending engine generates events on performed actions. The events hub in the lending engine is used to post the events, allowing any other application to subscribe and consume the posted events.

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User Interface

Experience great usability of the interface, that was designed from the start with the various users in mind: client-facing staff, developers and functional managers.

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Product configuration

The loan product builder simplifies and streamlines the creation of highly customizable products without losing configurability. Through the configuration portal, you can create and manage loan templates.

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Loan types

Our lending supports unsecured, secured and revolving credit loan types. Combined with extensive product configurability, a number of sub-types can be created to serve any lending need.

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Loan management

Our lending engine covers loan management functionalities to support the full loan lifecycle, including loan creation and disbursement, term and interest changes, payment processing, cost management, and write-offs.

Leverage the latest standards in lending technology.

Easy lending product setup

Easy product setup

Through the configuration portal, you can easily create and adjust a wide variety of highly customizable lending products.

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Complete loan management

Complete loan management

The lending engine supports all functions needed during the lifecycle of the loan, including calculation of fees and penalties, updating payment and interest properties, handling arrears, creating payment holidays, and changing the loan terms.

Data Management
Seamless processes

Seamless customer experience

You can simply integrate any API in your landscape to automate all your loan management, servicing and collections so you can focus on providing a seamless customer experience.

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Take advantage of seamless lending.

Our platforms are created to live up to the growing expectations towards lenders. Speed, connectivity, and control matter more than ever before. five°degrees provides banking-grade technology with outstanding usability and data management to succeed.

Banking grade

Core banking needs to be flawless at any time. The °neo platform is designed to easily integrate into an application landscape and built on proven cloud technology that lives up to the standards of the banking industry.

Data management

You need to have access to your data at all times. We understand which data makes good reporting. °neo offers an open structure and data granularity which is designed for banks and comes with standard reporting templates.


°neo is built for convenience. Designed with the various users of °neo in mind: Client facing staff, developers and functional managers. Our clients can utilize our developer portal and sandbox, when needed °neo experts are available.

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°neo supports a wide variety of financial products, standard banking processes and enables a full 360 view on customers, companies, products and all their relations.

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˚neo accounts engine

Enable your business experts to take full control over new and existing transactional account products through extensive non-coding configuration and parameterization.

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°neo lending engine

Offers a comprehensive range of financial loan products that are easily launched and administered, allowing product agility and quick time-to-market.

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˚neo 360

Is a fully configurable client data management system designed specifically for banks and lenders. To utilize all relevant data, °neo 360 is centered around the relation enabling full grip on legal, compliance and control.

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