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FX multi-currency accounts like no other.

You want to offer FX contracts to your clients. We understand, that to do that, you need a series of capabilities. And to serve your clients best, you need them to be next level.

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Enjoy a one stop shop

We support your FX proposition in every aspect. FX forward, spot, swap or outright. Enable contract rollovers and payments via multi-currency accounts. Automated settlements with direct integration with accounting, it's all there.

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Automate what you can

Enable self-service with process automation throughout the settlement. Updating exchange rates, dealing with large transactions, it can all be automated to limit margin of error, and the need for experienced traders on call at all times.

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Better service for a better price

We offer an amazing ROI. We provide the right value for money. Our FX multi-currency solution enables you to serve your customers more efficiently, faster and with more accuracy.

How °matrix foreign exchange can help you.

°matrix foreign exchange is powered by °matrix accounts, part of the °matrix SaaS core banking platform. The platform offers a lot of wonderful features. Our strength is that we enhance your IT landscape without replacing everything. You instantly reap the benefits of modern technology.


Let us highlight some things that can really make the difference for you in providing foreign exchange services. 

Configuration of processes

Flexible configuration of processes

The more you can configure by yourself, the more independently you can run your business. That's why you can define the processes around your FX settlements, payments, flows, terms, currency rates etc.

Connect your exchage rates

Connect your exchange rates

With °matrix, you decide the source of your exchange rates. You can either proved the rates yourself or connect a rate supplier. You define the source and add your own mark-up on the rates and the way they are being applied within the exchange process.

multi-currency support

Full multi-currency support

Your clients want to limit their currency risks as much as possible. This is best achieved with proper multi-currency accounts and a variety of foreign exchange products. With °matrix, we offer all of those, making multi-currency a breeze.


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