°matrix SaaS platform
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°matrix is the core banking platform that offers a modern, reliable foundation for over 40 banks and financial companies. Its proven technology will help you modernize your banking landscape without disrupting your entire architecture.

Go from good to great

in six months.

Keep the richness of your current functionality, embrace the possibilities of modern technology.

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About °matrix SaaS.

The °matrix core banking platform offers the core functionality for a complete banking proposition in the cloud. Whether you offer accounts, loans, or securities, we offer proven modern technology that can build on your current landscape. Now you finally have time to focus on innovation and the changes required to meet your customers expectations. 

°matrix loan
°matrix accounts
°matrix securities

°matrix loan

°matrix accounts

°matrix securities

Get to know °matrix SaaS.

The °matrix platform has various core banking engines and supporting components, all offered as a service in our °matrix SaaS. No need to worry about hosting, maintenance or upgrades. Simply select the components that fit your needs. Here's a selection of our capabilities.

°matrix accounts

Current accounts, savings accounts and a SEPA/SWIFT payment gateway. Core banking for accounts, built for cloud.

°matrix securities

A complete suite of securities settlement and custody capabilities. Trade capture and asset management with good support for IPOs.

°matrix loan

Unsecured loans, secured loans, mortgages, leasing, multi-currency loans and more. A very complete suite of components to serve any type of lending proposition.

°matrix component library

A library that includes management of collateral assets, fees calculation and fee inclusion for various products and events, claims for payment dates, payment agreement management and more.

°matrix mid integration platform

Integration, client data management and orchestration of core banking data. Includes processes and BPM, templates for messaging and forms for secure and validated data entry.

°matrix customer portal

Offers the end customer access to their accounts, loans and securities. Includes transactions and management of personal data.

°matrix helps you keep what's great,

improve what's good.

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Get fast results

You don't want to spend all your time and efforts on upgrading and maintaining. You want quality results fast. We enable you to build on top of your current foundation. So you get an instant ROI.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Enabling outstanding interaction with your clients is the ultimate objective. Happy clients equal a healthy company. Instantly start building on better and exciting customer propositions to meet and exceed your clients expectations.

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Embrace modern technology

The °matrix technology brings your landscape up to par and even further. Modern technology enables you to integrate with third party solutions that further increase your capabilities or set you apart from your competition.

Our services.

We deliver our °matrix platform as SaaS. To get you up and running as soon as possible we offer various services.

Dedicated success management.

To ensure you get the most out of your platform, we help you with dedicated support, training and other services.

Migration services.

Data migration is often the bottleneck of transitional processes. Our migration experts unburden your team from this challenging aspect of change.

Integration services.

A platform like °matrix never stands alone. It is part of an intricate landscape of applications. Our integration services help you transform that into a seamless experience.


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