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Join our Matrix Technical Application Management Training

In this training course, you learn how to install and deploy Matrix as well as all the basic skills you need to run the system. You will also be self-sufficient enough to maintain your own environment.

This course teaches you the following:

  • How Matrix is deployed
  • How to run Matrix
  • How to set up the Database
  • What it takes to maintain your own environment using the Matrix Environment Manager

    During the training you will practice with

    • Deploying Matrix yourself
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting

What courses must I take before taking this one?
Matrix Fundamentals

Who is it suitable for?
Solution architects and developers.

2 days

Max. number of participants per session

What is included?
2 days of instructor-led training, complete with exercises, slide handouts, showcases and a lunch prepared by our chef in our Amsterdam office.

Price: € 1790