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Join our Matrix Fundamentals Training

This training course provides you with the basics of Matrix. It covers the history of the system, a functional introduction and insight into how Matrix is used by our clients.

This training teaches you the following;

  • The principles on which Matrix is built
  • The functional architecture, including why and where the functionality is located
  • The Matrix Administrator Module
  • The ideas behind the authorization model, including roles and tokens
  • What you can do with editors
  • How you can edit and create workflows, messages, docs and users’ roles
  • An introduction to Matrix accounts: understand the list of functions, for example storno
  • What the technical components are and what they are used for: MIS, MSL, BPM, CRM, communication, document management, CFM and security
  • How a Matrix accounts product is built with the product builder
  • The Matrix templates and processes

This training gives you the following skills:

  • Explain the working of the main modules at a high level
  • Create and edit Matrix templates

What courses must I take before taking this one?
None. This is a great start in understanding Matrix.

Who is it suitable for?
Analysts, consultants, project managers, product owners, solution architects and developers.

1 day

Max. number of participants per session

What is included?
One day of instructor-led training complete with exercises, slide handouts, showcases and a lunch prepared by our chef in our Amsterdam office.

Price: € 895