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Join our Matrix
Editors & BPM Training

In this two-day training course you learn all about the BPM editor and how to create a process from scratch. We combine theory and practical skills to give you a complete overview of the editors used within Matrix. In addition, you learn how to create a form template.

This course teaches you the following:

  • What the static data editor and Matrix template editors are, how to use and configure them
  • How to use the editors to produce artifact
  • The data model and its functionalities
  • What alerts are and how to use and configure them
  • The BPM module
  • five°degrees’ best practices

This course provides you the following skills:

  • Import & export message templates, and relate them to data sources
  • Create a BPM process based on existing documentation

What courses must I take before taking this one?
Matrix Fundamentals

Who is it suitable for?
Analysts, consultants, project managers and product owners.

Total duration
2 days

Max. number of participants per session

What is included?
2 days of instructor-led training, complete with exercises, slide handouts, showcases and a lunch prepared by our chef in our Amsterdam office.

Price: € 1790