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Join our Matrix Database Training

In this course you will gain an understanding of how the database is structured, the functional areas it contains and the logic behind it. The course will also give you insight into how data is stored and retrieved from the database. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge required to handle troubleshooting.

This course teaches you the following:

  • The base entities
  • The importance of the database
  • The functional areas of the database

This training gives you the following skills:

  • Solve some basic errors

What courses must I take before taking this one?
Matrix Editors & BPM

Who is it suitable for?
Analysts, consultants, project managers, product owners, solution architects and developers.

Total duration
1 day

Max. number of participants per session

What is included? 
1 day of instructor-led training, complete with exercises, slide handouts, showcases and a lunch prepared by our chef in our Amsterdam office.

Price: € 895