How to win in data management as a bank

Turn your core banking challenges into opportunities.
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How can you manage your data more effectively with cloud native core banking technology and turn it in to an opportunity? 

The demand for data control is enormous, as this demand is driven by customer expectations, legislation, business operations, liability concerns, and commercial opportunities. So, what are the challenges in data management for the banking industry?

In this live webinar, Frank Imhof (Customer Success Manager, five°degrees) discusses the challenges of managing data effectively. During this webinar, he provides a demo of °neo, our cloud-native core banking platform, and its data management solution. 

At the end of this webinar you will know:

  • The challenges in data management for banks.
  • The solutions to achieve a good data management in core banking. 
  • How °neo masters data management.

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MicrosoftTeams-image (111)Host
Frank Imhof – Customer Success Manager
Frank has guided many banks in their digital transformation, both building something new from scratch and expanding on an already existing architecture. His greatest reward lies in the connection made with clients and colleagues during the journey of the banking project. Frank brings both technical expertise and business sense to the table. This results in a unique eye for intelligent solutions to business challenges.


MicrosoftTeams-image (115)Host
Toma Lulgjuraj, VP of experience design

This exclusive webinar is lead by Toma Lulgjuraj, VP of experience design at five°degrees. Toma holds well over a decade of experience in user experience, design and digital strategy both in and outside of Europe. His passion for client value and his international experience bring a valuable perspective to every conversation.
financial services industry from many points of view. As your moderator, she will be guiding the webinar to maximize your return on your time invested.


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