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Matrix lending & leasing Brochure

Discover the essential features of lending and leasing to enable full front-to-back banking 
Matrix lending & leasing Brochure
6 min
9 pages

Innovative and proven loan solutions

Matrix lending & leasing is a proven calculation and management engine that currently supports multiple banks in handling their lending and borrowing product administration.  

The Matrix lending & leasing brochure helps you take look into our flexible credit management engine with extended capabilities.

  • Understand Matrix lending & leasing architecture
  • See the advanced features that simplifies the borrowing experience 
  • Learn about loan types supported by Matrix
  • Find out about the advanced payment structure

Download your Matrix lending & leasing brochure and find out the essential features of our flexible, secure and cost-effective solution

The right lending & leasing solution that
can meet all your challenges

Bring front-to-back processing

Take out all customer-related parts and transfer them into your mid office system through workflows, emailing and document generation. Create seamless borrower experience with configurable components.

Enable fast time-to-market for any loan type

Matrix lending & leasing product administration module enables offering of any loan type including consumer and corporate lending, revolving credit facilities, mortgages, hire purchase, financial and operational leasing and any asset backed lending in just days instead of months.

Enhance customer intimacy

Matrix lending & leasing product set up allows you to create a seamless borrowing experience for your customers by simplified and highly-customizable products.

Matrix lending & leasing architecture